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David Russell:

 Circulation is for this photographer, a beautiful opportunity to explore a rich and spectacular group of imaginative and creative subjects. I have grown to trust and feel at one with the people who attend. If you wish to experience a rich tapestry of learning opportunities, entertainment, pure creativity, and total sharing, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Immense value, and culturally neutral and unique. And to experience the late night drum-beats is to experience the very best soporific experience, I promise you. Finally, I get to hang out with my son, and his friends, which is a real treasure.

Joshua Smith:

Circulation, for me, is a manifestation of our beauteous culture and a bringing together of family. The bonding and sharing that take place, the performance and play, the transfer of knowledge and love and happiness, all meld together into one beautiful breathing undulating energy construct smile emoticon

When I started spinning I was somewhat involved in the Fire and Circus club, but after attending Circulation I made the decision to fully dive in to better contribute to this amazing community, and to give back to the awesome structure that has helped me grow so much and welcomed me with open arms and minds.

I truly believe that through open sharing of knowledge, love, awesome music, mind expansion, inspiration, trust, and hope that it is possible to cause a radical empowerment in individuals that will resound throughout the rest of our modern society as we take the future into our own hands wink emoticon

Woop woop!

Clare French:

Circulation was where it all started for me in New Zealand... I met the best flow arts community in the whole whirled, i made friends and connections and i found my soul place. Best crew. Best festival. Best VIBES! Giant firey circus love for all of you <3

Tom Lloyd Francis:

When I arrived at Circulation, I had recently just come out of a Vipassana meditation course (meditating for 10 days solid without being able to talk ect). I was becoming more aware of my senses again and was embraced by such a beautiful bunch of people. I felt accepted and loved for who I was and now, currently living in Auckland, I realize how important it is to be surrounded by such beautiful people who you share a connection with. It was such an amazing place of learning, healing and rediscovery for me. The sweat lodge in particular was the perfect compliment to me emerging from my meditation and giving myself that last final push and difficult challenge to overcome some demons of mine. I learnt so much in such a short period of time, made friends for life, learned some amazing tricks and most importantly, had so much fun! I will always remember Circulation and I definitely intend to return.

See you soon

Xanthe Naylor:

Back in 2009 I attended my first Circulation I was 16.
My friends and I had just set up camp and went to explore! Jesse and I started up the hill near the camping zone, walk randomly we soon heard the most enchanting and mysterious music
of a flute coming from further up. Mystified we followed and soon came upon an a wooden turret and upon this magnificent structure was a long haired bearded wizard of man. We hailed the wizardly fellow and joined him, gazing over the tree tops we spoke of music. Thanking him for conjuring us to this place of wonder we journeyed onwards.
This my friends was the beginning of beautiful friendship with not only the wizard himself Mr. Jeff, but Circulation! Here I am 7 years later, now helping breath life into this wonderful event.

Circulation has made me who I am today, this caring, embracing, warm community has brightened the essence in my soul and I wish to share this event with all of you! Juggle something! Sing something! Dance the nights away under the stars.


Abby Smith

I've only made it to one Circulation so far (2013) but it was an experience that holds a vivid and treasured place in my memory... one special moment was the opening ceremony around the heart-fire up in the tribal zone, as dusk was falling, there was such a palpable feeling in the air of anticipation and communion (with each other and our environment) as the tinder and hay burst into flame under the beautifully built heart-fire, while people spun fire all around. That's one thing about Circulation... it's not just the event, but the sustained community around it that truly bring the life.
Adding to that is the best renegade show I've ever seen, populated by some of the most genuine, talented and all-around lovely people I know. The more I write the more I'm remembering... the field at Whare Flat filled with people playing and juggling and teaching each other tricks under the sun. CAN'T WAIT for this year!!!


James Parsons:

Circulation 2013 was my first and only so far. I had never had any experience before with festivals, circus performance, or even being amongst a community so open and friendly. I remember being a bit hesitant and not sure how to contribute. Everyone was lending their own to skills and input to build the festival and get it running. I sat around, missing the point a bit, as a volunteer waiting for someone to give me directions for tasks. I actually spent most of the time on my own reading my book rather than mixing with people, I suppose I wasn't ready to recognize the buzz. I didn't even pick up any toys!

Now three years on I couldn't be more excited to participate with my fresh perspective that developed since. That first Circulation was so crucial to helping me open up amd be vulnerable to enjoying life. I am so appreciative of the Circulation community, I wouldn't be who i am now without them :) Despite being Circus festival, there's no trick to it- just good times and fun. Simple as that.

I'm just really thankful that I wound up being a part of this community. So welcoming, always so welcoming and encouraging.


Ra Welch:

So far I have only been to one circulation festival (last year) and this was made extra special because it was my first festival experience.

Short story is, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Now that Ive had a few months of self reflection I can see
that it was the point in my life where I figured out where I was meant to be and who I was meant to be with. I felt like I was home. This first festival was nothing but love. I'm still at the stage of amazement and awe when I think about the people Ive met and how lucky I am that most of them I will meet again.

One memory I have is towards the end of the festival. I could feel my heart breaking at the thought of having to leave and go back to a life that seemed so dull. But someone very kind and adventurous helped me out and told me not to worry because I could take the festival home with me. Which was an awesome thought. So I spread out my arms and kind of just collected everything that I saw in front of me. The colour and dancing, the people, the juggling, the laughter. And I gathered everything into myself and gave myself a really nice hug and felt the warmth from everyone's combined experience and I just held it there. So now on really good days, even in an environment opposite to circ, I'll have festival vibes running through my veins. And it makes life a little easier.

I cannot wait for the next one