Festival Guide


Waiora Scout Camp, Dunedin, New Zeland


What to Bring

  • Something for the Thursday night potluck
  • Food and cooking/cleaning equipment (Food ticket doesn't include lunch)
  • Snacks! Food if you don't have a food ticket
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunblock, Hat, Sunglasses
  • Cash (for cafe and marketplace) Note: there is no eftpos facilities onsite!
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, bed roll
  • Musical instruments!
  • Fire and Juggling Toys
  • Personal toiletries/Medication
  • Rubbish bags
  • Torch
  • Earplugs
  • Water tight protective bags
  • Cold weather gear (Thermals, woolen clothes)
  • Wet weather gear (Gumboots (bonus), Rain Jacket, tarps)
  • First aid kit (the crew will have safety gear, and first aid staff standing by, but it never hurts to be prepared
  • Duct tape, Baby wipes, Rope, Lighter, spare tent pegs (handy things)
  • LOVE

Please do not bring:

  • Dogs
  • Glass
  • Glitter, excessive packaging rubbish,


There are several bunk rooms available at the Waiora Scout camp for rent during the festival. $30 for one bunk and $80 for a whole room, contact xanthe@circualtion.co.nz for bookings.


Circulation is very excited to have a creative crew of local chefs to prepare and cook fresh and delicious vegetarian meals. This year there will also be plenty of vegan and gluten free options available. There will also be sweets, snacks, drinks and extras available for purchase in the cafe. Breakfast and dinner will be served in the top Main Hall within the allocated time periods. This gives people the chance to meet and eat together, allowing new connections to be made. Meat eaters are welcome but please bring and cook your own.

Your meal ticket will include 3 days of healthy breakfasts, and dinners. (please note it's bring your own lunches this year)

Food Tickets available until November 1st: $40 at Cosmic Ticketing

Kids food tickets (toddler - 8yrs) $20- available through email: tania@circulation.co.nz

Workshops Circulation brings together a very talented group of performers to teach and entertain you, but we also encourage people to lead their own workshops as a way of engaging with the community and to share your knowledge. We will have black boards where you can write your own spontaneous workshop and take your own classes with the community.

Renegade [a person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner]

This is one of the words we use to sum up this festival, at circulation we love to embrace spontaneity. As part of pushing this we hold a renegade show on Sunday night. Where we invite anyone of any age and skill to come on stage and join us for night of shared performance. This is chance to show off anything your learned from the event, or anything else you want share, its great chance to learn to be comfortable on the stage in front of your peers. Many performers from new zealand, (the likes of Mr Jeff and Rewi Elffyre) started their careers at Circulation, learning their skills from playing and sharing ideas and tricks with others in the community.  

155 12CircA0078