Sam Voadora

Voadora, brings back sass to the stage and to the flow classroom. 
Coming from a gymnastics background, some Martial arts training (Capoeira - where Voadora comes from, meaning "flyer" in Portuguese) strength, grace and discipline define her flow style. A multiprop artist specialising in double staves, fans and hoops. 
She has been spinning for 6 years, performing for 4 and teaching for the past year. Some of the festivals you may have seen her at - Rainbow Serpent, Splendour In The Grass, Subsonic, Boom, Dragon Dreaming, Defqon 1 and Sensations.
Her individual shows are unique and burlesque inspired, bringing sexy back to the circus. When working alongside the ever so talented Morphlo, together they are "BioLuminescence" their shows bring influences of dance from swing to hip hop to the stage with new chemistry not seen before

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