Xanthe Naylor


Hey I’m Xanthe!

I’m half pixie, an artist, aspiring fashion designer and an organizer of Circulation!
I was born right here in Dunedin and lived here most of my life, I attended my first Circulation in 2009 and have been involved in since 2010. Circus has changed my life! I now feel i almost live breath and eat flow arts and connect it to many of the other art forms I like to dabble in.

I mostly will be running around organizing things at Circulation, but plan to take a beginners juggling class and maybe a poi throwing workshop. You’ll see me hopping about and probably up on stage a few times, cant wait to see all your lovely faces!

 Untill then xo


252835 10150616086505276 7901700 nyoutube copy12113324 10153645930736250 4884700279161108088 o -Photo by Riley Baker R.I.P